Enterprize Edition

Enterprise Edition
nCode Automation Enterprise Edition provides a scalable solution for corporate, multi-site or global data access. Requiring IBM Websphere® and an Oracle® database, Enterprise Edition is a world-class solution that extends the capabilities of Workgroup Edition and also includes a fully featured batch license of nCode GlyphWorks for server-side processing.
Enterprise Edition can also use ftps and https for high security data access via the internet, and audit control means that you know exactly who has seen what when. Access authorization can be linked to corporate LDAP login authentication. Data in the filestore can be given permissions even at the channel level, giving ultimate control to who can access what data through a configurable system of roles. Scheduled reports can be automatically run, notifying users via email when specific conditions occur and providing efficient communication of vital information.
Current clients for Automation Enterprise Edition include leading OEMs and suppliers from aerospace and automotive industries worldwide such as Lockheed Martin, Turbomeca, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company
  • Windows Server®2003
  • Windows Server®2008
  • SUSE® Linux® 10.2(64-bit)
Provided Third Party Components
  • FileZilla 0.9.37 FTP server (optional)

Required Components
  • Browser:Internet Explorer® 7 or later, Mozilla®Firefox®
  • Database:Oracle 10, 10 XE, 11g, 11XE
  • J2EE Application Server:IBM® WebSphere 6.1,7
  • Java™ Runtime Environment:IBM®JRE1.6(WebSphere 7) or IBM® JRE 1.5 (Websphere 6.1)
  • Security : HTTPS, FTPS capable (customer-supplied certificates), signed applets

Data Storage
  • Metadata:Relational database (Oracle)
  • Test data : Server-based file storage system (one or more mounted disks)
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