Virtual Strain gauge

If the model has been properly meshed, loaded, and constrained, the predicted virtual strain from DesignLife will correlate with the measured strain. We will quantify the degree of correlation by comparing these actual and predicted val-ues. The virtual strain gauge function highlights two powerful DesignLife features:
Multiaxial loads are accounted for. In the real world, strains result from combinations of multiaxial loads and moments. In this example, the model is loaded with three forces and three moments, and these inde-pendent but simultaneous loads need to be modeled. DesignLife accounts for this by using combinations of load cases and multi-channel load inputs, each representing a loading degree of freedom. The virtual strains are a combination of these simultaneously applied loads, just as they are in the real world.
Virtual strains can be recovered in user-defined coordinate systems. This way we can recover strains in the exact orientation of the gauge during the real strain measurement. We can choose to export combinations of stresses and strains, and even strain gauge rosettes, to correlate with strain gauges installed during testing.
Relationship Files

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