Seam Weld

The Seam Weld option enables the fatigue analysis of seam welded joints, including fillet, overlap and laser welds. The method is based on the approach developed by Volvo (see SAE paper 982311) and validated through years of use on vehicle chassis and body development projects.
Stresses can either be taken directly from FE models or calculated from grid point forces or displacements at the weld. DesignLife provides methods to intelligently identify weld lines in the FE model, thus simplifying the process of setting up the fatigue job. General material data for seam welds for both bending and tension conditions are supplied with the software and the approach is appropriate for weld toe, root and throat failures.
Corrections are also available for sheet thickness and mean stress effects. The BS7608 welding standard is also supported, together with required material curves.
  • Automated FE data processing makes job set-up quick and simple.
  • Weld toe and root failure
  • Thickness correction
  • Mean stress effects
  • BS7608 welding standard is also supported together with require material curves.
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