VIBGUARD – 최초로 매우 다이나믹한 프로세스와 복잡한 모니터링 작업들을 가진 주요 기계들에 대해 신뢰성 기반 유지보수를 하게 하는 새로운 수준의 온라인 상태감시 제품…

  • VIBXPERT II Balancer

    모든 기능들은 처음 사용하는 이용자도 쉽고 직감적으로 사용할 수 있습니다. 명확한 아이콘 기반의 사용자 인터페이스와 훌륭한 컬러 디스플레이는 VIBXPERT II Balancer이 효…


    VIBCONNECT RF는 선이 있는 값 비싼 센서들과 다릅니다. 또한 이 제품은 완전히 자동화 되어 있고 자체적인 전원 장치가 있어서 사용자들은 사용하는 동안 금전적인 부분과 시간…


    our new vibration data collector and signal analyzer offers intuitive operation, fast measurement times and proven features for professionals and for beginners.


    Advanced hand-held data collector and signal analyzer , VIBSCANNER is a measuring instrument for the diagnosis and recording of machine conditions.


    Entry-level data collector, VIBROTIP is an extremely rugged and easy-to-use hand-held data collector for five key indicators of machine condition. All sensors are built in, with no cumbersome cables or fragile plugs.


    Online Condition Monitoring - compact, cost-effective, modular, VIBNODE is the ideal solution for online monitoring and condition diagnosis of single machines and small machine trains.


    Online Condition Monitoring - fast, flexibel and powerful, VIBROWEB is a compact system for online condition monitoring and diagnosis of machines and small assets.

  • VIBROWEB XP – Expert leve

    Diagnostic Online Condition Monitoring, VIBROWEB XP is a compact monitoring and diagnostic system which was specially developed for production-critical or process-critical special machines.

  • VIBRONET signalmaster

    Online Condition Monitoring for up to 162 locations, VIBRONET Signalmaster is a new type of online monitoring and diagnostic system for machines and systems based entirely on Internet technology.


    Robust machine vibration transmitter, VIBROTECTOR is the ideal vibration transmitter for all machines which run under approximately constant operating conditions.


    Flexibility in machine protection and monitoring, VIBREX provides a modular solution for one or two-channel monitoring of RMS vibration severity, bearing condition or other important machine health indicators and performs automate…

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