• Type 50GI

    Type 50GI is a sound intensity probe for direct connection to signal analyzers or data acqusition devices with IEPE inputs. The probe includes a pair of phase-matched prepolarized precision microphones which meet the requirements …

  • Type 50VI

    The G.R.A.S. Vector Intensity Probe Type 50VI is a flexible and adjustable, two or three-dimensional sound-intensity probe.

  • Type 50VI-3

    The G.R.A.S. Wide-band Intensity Probe Type 50VI-3 is a flexible and adjustable four-channel sound-intensity probe.

  • Type 50VX

    The G.R.A.S. X-Y-Z Intensity Probe Type 50VX is a two-channel intensity probe for serially measuring a three-dimensional sound intensity vector in a stationary sound field.

  • Types 50AI-xx

    Intensity Probe Type 50AI G.R.A.S. Sound Intensity probes include a pair of ½” intensity microphones Type 40AI, spacers, adapters, a pair of ¼" preamplifiers Type 26AA and a remote control handle. The remote control handle i…