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[News Letter] 변형률/ 응력 가시화 기술 (Digital Image Correlation)관리자작성일 20-05-27 14:15


변형률/응력 가시화 기술 (Digital Image Correlation)

Product Introduction | VIC-3D MS(Microscope)

Application | Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Correlated Solutions Debuts Short Course on DIC

Coming soon | VIC-3D 9 with IRIS


변형률/응력 가시화 기술(Digital Image Correlation)




 Correlated Solutions is currently performing internal testing of the next iteration of the powerful VIC-3D software. VIC-3D 9 includes a new graphic engine called IRIS that allows researchers to create publication ready plots in a number of formats. Click on the demo above (exported directly from IRIS) for a sneak peek at some of the new features! We can't wait to share this exciting new software.



Product Introduction | VIC-3D MS(Microscope)